Industrial ceramic

Industrial and special ceramic tiles are special due to their characteristics. In our program in this segment we offer ceramic tiles …

Industrial ceramic

Specialised industrial ceramic tiles are specific because of their characteristics.

We offer industrial ceramic tiles for the following areas:

  • hospitals, schools and kindergartens
  • operating rooms (tiles have a special glaze)
  • processing, meat, fish, vegetable, food, milk and other industries
  • car industry and parking garage
  • laundry rooms, kitchens, workshops
  • laboratories, lacquering (special static electricity conducting stoneware tiles)
  • systems for blind and visually impaired

All of the above areas have their place in the detailed table of the required anti-slip valuation groups. Each particular industrial facility is specific.

We are helping you to define:

  • the necessary coefficient of slip resistance
  • cove skirting with internal and external corner
  • fields with the expansion joints

Protecta surface upgrading

Unglazed vitrified tiles are hard-wearing and resistant by nature. Thanks to the Protecta surface upgrading, the stain and dirt resistance could be improved considerably.
During the firing process, the coating applied in-plant is ceramically bonded to the biscuit and closes the existing “micropores” quite natural for unglazed ceramics. In this way, the penetration of substances forming stains is prevented. The subsequent impregnation recommended so far is no longer required.
Products with Protecta surface upgrading are marked with this symbol.

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